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Shengavit Medical Center

Department of Intensive therapy, Anesthesiology and Reanimation

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Head of the department is DR. Ashot. V. Amroyan, MD, associate professor of the Anesthesiology & intensive Care department at the National Institute of Healthcare in Armenia.

General characteristics of the Department of ITAR:

The focus of the department’s activities is the anesthesiology during surgical interventions: pain relief during childbirth via long-term epidural analgesia, preparation and care of patients in preoperational phase, ensuring vital functioning of organism in serious cases.

The staff includes 23 members including the head of department and 5 physicians-anesthesiologists: highly qualified specialists mastering skills of regional methods of general anesthesiology as well as cardiopulmonary reanimation.

Average age of the staff is 40.

The department includes 5 nurses-anesthesists, 8 care nurses and 4 aid women. The mid-level personnel is competent enough to handle post-operational and seriously ill patients, the staff is equipped with skills of IT and healthcare service.

The department is furnished with 7 p/o beds:

  • reanimation beds equipped with up-to-date monitoring device, ALV apparatus, cardiodefibrillator, hyperbaric camera
  • the department applies current methods of general and regional anesthesia, peripheral nerve blockade by law-toxic safe drugs (diprivan, midazolan, izophluran, sevophluran, bupivacain, ropivacain)
  • our clinic widely practices epidural pain relief while childbirth

MC Shengavit is one of the two obstetric clinics of Armenia methodically integrating pain releaf while childbirth into routine practice.

The Department cooperates with the group of obstetric anesthesiologists “Kybele” from SOAP (Society of Obstetric Anesthesiologists ASA)

We annually organize practical seminars and topical weeks not only in the MC Shengavit but also in other obstetric clinics of Yerevan. The physicians of the department participate in annual international workshops of SOAP.

  • Our department applies contemporary approaches of case-based medicine relying on multicentre prospective world data. Systematically, we introduce new protocols of patient care and anesthesiology manuals.

The activities of the department rely on principles of loyalty to human rights. Subsequently, we register “awareness agreement” of the patient before any manipulation after informing the patient and the relatives.


In the nearest future we plan to expand the department increasing the number of beds. We intend to establish a division of preoperational preparation of patients (Pre-op), operational block (OR), post operational block IT (PACU), as well as cardioreanimation, neuroreanimation, general reanimation with further involvement of specialists anesthesiologists, reanimatologists, cardioreanimatologists.

In order to support the vital functions of the organism the Department will be furnished with state-of-the-art technical and medical equipments. We also plan to introduce centralized O2 feeding, evacuation and ventilation systems, centralized system of air conditioning. Each reanimation bed equipped with individual communication systems will be located in private rooms in compliance with current international standards.


Требуются доноры спермы. Требования: высшее образование, отсутствие проблем со здоровьем, возраст до 35 лет, наличие как минимум одного здорового ребенка, рост выше 174 см. Вы можете связаться с нами по телефону (010) 49 48 67, с 09.30 по 15.00 (кроме субботы и воскресенья)