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Shengavit Medical Center

Surgical department

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surgery_bg The surgical service of the Medical centre Shengavit has been established in 2003.

Head of the department is Mr. Levon S. Hakobyan, MD.

Surgical department is located on the 3-rd floor and occupies 30 beds. Wards are reconstructed and furnished in compliance with European standards. We provide 3 diet meals a day, personnel arrangements are attached.

Key priorities of the Surgery service are:

Long-term experience in conducting surgical operations of hernia of various locations, using contemporary alloplastic reticular materials. Operations are conducted by traditional and laparoscopic methods. We have an experience of 16 years. The first operation has been conducted in 1994. The recurrence percentage is less than 0,3%.

  1. Three-year experience in barriatric surgery – operations in cases of obesity. In 2007 we conducted the first surgical operation - laparoscopic bending of the stomach – gastric sleeve.
  2. We provide treatment of proctologic diseases – conservative ambulatory treatment of hemorrhoid and anal fissures, as well as operative treatment of all proctologic diseases depending on the stage of the progress of disease.
  3. In 2008 we were the first in Armenia to conduct a surgery treatment of hemorrhoid by the method of apparatus hemorrhoidopexy (operation of professor Longo). We had around 40 patients operated. The advantage of this treatment is low-grade pain syndrome, prompt recovery (3-5 days). Aftereffects were not observed among our patients.
  4. We conduct surgical operations of thyroid gland in cases of various malfunctions of the gland. We have more than 23- year experience in conducting this kind of surgical interventions. We also conduct operations over gastro-intestinal tract (operations of gastric ulcer and DPK, operations over intestine), operations in cases of liver echinococcus diseases by laparoscopic and traditional methods. Currently, we focus also on the development of plastic and microsurgery conducting the following operations: ablate of colloid scars, operative treatment of decobitus, operations in cases of congenital and acquired defects of extremities, plastics of the defects via expanders, plastics of breast glands.
  5. The MC Shengavit has a developed service of venous surgery. We conduct operations in cases of various diseases of extremity venous system by traditional and endoscopic methods.
  6. Surgery in cases of diseases of ENT organs.

Our vision of future

After the construction of the new building of the MC Shengavit we plan to establish a centre of herniacology, barriatrical surgery, develop plastic surgery particularly introduce laser liposuction, prosthetics of breast gland and plastics of various parts of body using silicone implants, prosthetics of inter-phalange joints of manus.

Network with other medical institutions

In 2009 we organized an exit session to the Artsakh Republic. A number of complicated surgical and gynecological operations were conducted in the Republican hospital of Stepanakert. This activity involved Professor Petros Kodjyan from California, USA.

We have signed an agreement of cooperation with the Medical Centre San Kamallo- Forlanica of Rome, Italy.

The resident doctors of the department have successfully passed a number of skills development trainings on the following topics:

  • Barriatrical surgery – Moscow, 2007
  • Treatment of hemorrhoid ( method of hemorrhoidopexy of Prof. Longo) – Moscow, 2008
  • Laparoscopic treatment of hernia – St. Petersburg, 2008
  • A PhD thesis has been defended on “Application of explants in treatment of primary and recurrent hernia using antiseptics”


We support organization of scientific workshops on diverse topics, publication of articles on the issue of hernia surgery.

Key criteria:

  • High level of professionalism of physicians and staff
  • Following the regulations of deontology
  • Creating maximum comfortable conditions for the staff and patients
  • Following the regulations of case-based medicine, protocols of European Association of Surgeons
  • Introduction of contemporary methods of surgery focusing on low-invasive surgery and development of video-endosurgery.

Требуются доноры спермы. Требования: высшее образование, отсутствие проблем со здоровьем, возраст до 35 лет, наличие как минимум одного здорового ребенка, рост выше 174 см. Вы можете связаться с нами по телефону (010) 49 48 67, с 09.30 по 15.00 (кроме субботы и воскресенья)