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Shengavit Medical Center

Dear visitor

Dear visitor

There are no translations available.

As the CEO of Medical Center Shengavit, I’m delighted to tour you through the web-site of our clinic. I believe you will find a lot of useful information and answers to many of your questions. You will get to know the basics and principles of our work, will familiarize yourselves with the structure of the clinic and our operational policies.

Our mission is to care about the health of our patients.

Our work is aimed at ensuring adequate, reasonable and justified character of any manipulation or intervention we make. We take care about the comfort and safety of our patients since the very moment of their reception at our clinic to their check out.

Our work builds on the principles of case-based medicine and case-based management which helps us to improve the quality of life for our patients and to make corporate environment more comfortable for our staff.

Our corporate reputation is the cornerstone that forms the base of the public trust and respect we enjoy.


CEO of Shengavit MC,

Senior Obstetrician-Gynecologist of the city of Yerevan,

Sergey A. Urumyan

Belgian ENT specialists in Shengavit MC on April 27-29

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Shengavit MC has invited Belgian leading specialists on otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery under guidance of Doctor Patrick Levy, with participation of otorhinolaringologist Maria Rushanyan and maxillofacial surgeon, head of maxillofacial service in MC Shengavit Dr. Levon R. Galstyan.

Primary examination and consultation will be done for detection and further treatment of otorhinolaringology diseases.

The specialists will as well perform aestheti...

Впервые в Армении Фемтосекундный Лазер Ziemer LDV Crystal Line (Швейцария) !

Впервые в Армении Фемтосекундный Лазер Ziemer LDV Crystal Line (Швейцария) !
There are no translations available.

В Медицинском Центре “Шенгавит” в “Центре Лазерной Коррекции Зрения” впервые в Армении установлен самый современный в мире Фемтосекундный лазер последнего поколения Ziemer LDV Crystal Line. Данный лазер позволяет производить лазерную коррекцию зрения при близорукости, дальнозоркости и астигматизме без применения лезвий и микрокератома! В “Центре Лазерной Коррекции Зрения” Вам могут провести новейшую фемтолазерную коррекцию зрения, при которой используется 2 ла...

Artsakh president awards Bedros Kojian, Sergey Urumyan

There are no translations available.

On July 6, 2011, Artsakh President Bako Sahakyan signed a decree awarding Gratitude Medal to professor of the University of California, Irvine, obstetrician/gynecologist Bedros Kojian and general manager of Yerevan Shengavit medical center Sergey Urumyan for their considerable contributions to health sector development in Artsakh.

Центр Лазерной Коррекции Зрения

Центр Лазерной Коррекции Зрения
There are no translations available.

Коррекция близорукости, дальнозоркости, астигматизма и пресбиопии в нашем “Центре Лазерной Коррекции Зрения” производится всеми имеющимися на сегодняшний день в арсенале офтальмолога ме...


building“Shengavit” Medical Center is a multi-profile clinical diagnostic institution. The centre includes various departments and divisions offering preventive care, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation services to its patients. 

The centre serves as a clinical training base for the Yerevan State Medical University and the RA National Institute of Health and offers postgraduate educational opportunities.

In their day-to-day activities the departments and services of the Centre follow the internationally accepted protocol regulations and recommendations of professional healthcare associations.

Due to this, during the last few years, the level of successful treatment of our patients continually rises, possibility of aftereffects decreases and their quality of life rapidly improves.

Highly qualified professionals of most diverse profile work in the Center. We house the most experienced doctors and young specialists who continually upgrade their skills actively participating in professional workshops and trainings.

Our specialists are active members of leading professional associations around the World, some of them being involved in the boards of the organizations, which allows us to track the latest innovations in healthcare sciences and integrate them in the clinical practice of our Centre.

Our mission is to advance health and wellness through state of-the-art programs in patient care, education, and research.

We wish you good health and successes in all your endeavors.

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Требуются доноры спермы. Требования: высшее образование, отсутствие проблем со здоровьем, возраст до 35 лет, наличие как минимум одного здорового ребенка, рост выше 174 см. Вы можете связаться с нами по телефону (010) 49 48 67, с 09.30 по 15.00 (кроме субботы и воскресенья)